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As I believe is the case for most people, I have a number blogs and web sites I visit on a regular basis. In case of some of the blogs I have subscribed to their RSS feeds, often because they are updated on a non-regular basis. I will attempt to list what I consider (in my opinion) are the interesting ones.


Some of the Japan based sites I check on a daily basis, so I do not bother to subscribe to their RSS feeds:

Akihabara News (English) - Tech and geek stuff.

Danny Choo
(English) - Anime, figures, Idols, Otaku and events from Japan.

Some of the Japan based or Japan oriented blogs, some very personal, some very public, whose RSS feeds I have subscribed to:

an englishman in Osaka (English) - British humor invades most of his entries and makes it always fun to read his postings about living in Japan.

Blue Lotus (English) - Some really interesting postings about food and she has some very nice perspectives on Japanese tradition. If one could call a blog for being relaxed, this is the one - absolutely unpretentious and very, very good. Her own words about it: "A Canadian girl eats her way around Tokyo".

Digital World Tokyo (English) - Stuff about gadget and gear from Japan, that I usually cannot find anywhere else.

JapanNewbie (English) - Harvey (American born) working as a translator and living in Osaka. Always a fun and relaxing read. I actually thought he was British based on his style of humor, until I found out he was from Iowa.

kirai -a geek in Japan (English) - A Spanish geek working and living in Tokyo.

watashi to tokyo (aka mari diary) (English) - A Japanese woman's blog about art, food and life in Tokyo.

Some of the other blogs, whose RSS feeds I have subscribed to:

MacBlog (Danish) - A personal blog with musings about life in Herlev, and one of the very few places where one can find pictures of me (as we travelled on vacation to Japan together).