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Photos and cameras

I do not consider myself to be a very good photographer. I tend to much to live in the moment and if do not immediately have composed and focused the shot within a second or so, I take it anyway. I do not like to have things arranged it is nearly always a matter of impulse and what I feel when taken the picture. But I have so much fun doing so...

I have got a tendency to take pictures of patterns, garden, parks and animals (typically birds), and sometimes I combine them.

For now I have just placed a couple of situations from the last year or so below, not the nicest, but the fit the header, moments.


Just a collection of picture taken over the years. Often there is a story behind it and often I will not tell, but here they are anyway.

Cooperative bird

A picture taken with one of my old cameras, a Canon PowerShot S2 IS, about a year ago.

It was taken through the window of my apartment, so the fuzziness at bottom and to the right is my lack of window cleaning.

Alien robot

Actually old news (from April 2007 in fact), but what looks like an alien robot has landed on a roof, that can be seen from my window.

A more clear headed person will notice that these are probably antennas for mobile networks. But I like my explanation better...

Sakura in Copenhagen

Came back from Japan in March 2007 and realized that I had not really taken that many photos of cherry blossoms. So I went to the Botanic Garden in Copenhagen and got the following picture.

Blog Image

The picture was taken with my Nikon D70 with a Sigma 70-300mm lens. This is probably my most heavily edited picture ever (until now). The white balance was totally off, in fact it was somewhere in the next galaxy, and because the sun was particularly strong on that April day, I did not notice it until I got home.

Autumn colours in Copenhagen

Picture from October 28th 2007 (outside my window).

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Morning mist

Morning mist on Christmas Eve day 2007, around 5 oclock.

Blog Image

The nice 'greenish' tint is a bit to the strong side but fits my mood after a slight bout of food poisoning, so the photo was not colour edited.

Lamp in window

Playing a bit around with catching the mirror image of the lamp in the window.

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Past and current cameras owned. 


Digital (discounting the ones in the mobile phones):
Canon PowerShot A20
Pentax Optio S4
Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Nikon D70
Canon Ixy 1000
Fujifilm F50fd

Currently I use the Nikon D70 (with typically a 18-200 mm lens) and a Fujifilm F50fd compact.